1JBD20IH Scout D20 Twin Stick

Made just for International Scouts with the Dana 20 transfer case This transfer case shifter works especially well for manuel transmission applications, or applications where the "one size fits all" twin-stick shifter puts the shifter handles up under your dash! The location of the shifter handles are above, left and just slightly forward of the shifter pivot bracket on the transfer case. (very close to stock location) These shifters are designed to be rock-solid you won't find any "one size fits all" erector set lookin' brackets held together with ny-lock nuts that are not designed for heat. We use only, all metal, mechanical self-locking hardware. This shifter comes with installation / adjustment instructions, boot, chrome ring, shift pattern decal, and even stainless steel screws to finish it off! Note: Not all installations / applications are the same, some floor trimming or shifter adjustment might be nessasary

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Price: $139.00


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