1JBD20JJ Jeepster-Commando with TH400

Jeep D-20 Jeepster / Commando stainless steel twin-stick shifter Made for the Jeep Dana 20 transfer case With automatic transmission This shifter fits the Jeep D-20 that has the shifter mount on an extension housing that sticks forward of the transfer case on the passenger side. And is designed to be relocatable further back on the stock extension housing, as the sliding collar is open-ended, and the adjuster rods are threaded. The adjuster rods and adjusters are 303 stainless, and are fine threaded allowing for small adjustments. BEWARE OF ONE SIZE FITS ALL shifters, there are 7 different configurations of Jeep D-20 cases / shifter combinations, unless you want to cut new holes in your floor, make sure you get a shifter that is built for your setup. Our shifters mount to your stock mounting bracket eliminating most of the locating issues with custom shifters. This shifter does not have a mount for the front driveline carrier bearing, it can only be used with singe piece front drivelines! All threaded parts are done on a CNC machine, all bends are done on a bending machine, all welded parts are jig welded These shifters are designed to be rock-solid. you won't find any "one size fits all" erector set lookin' brackets held together with ny-lock nuts that are not designed for heat. We use only, all metal, mechanical self-locking hardware. This shifter comes with installation / adjustment instructions, boot, stainless steel trim ring, and even stainless steel screws to finish it off! Note: This shifter does not fit CJ type D-20 cases Note: Not all installations / applications are the same, a little floor trimming or shifter adjustment might be nessasary. MADE IN THE USA

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